Getting started

My name is Thomas.

For 20+ years I’ve worked as an IT freelancer – programming for clients in defence, e-commerce, government agencies, financial companies, maritime companies, and more.

The common denominator of my work has been system integration.

The list of technologies I’ve worked with is endless – starting with C++ but since the inception of Java this programming langugage has been at the center of my focus. So much that I teach Java in open courses and work in the crew of JDK IO – Denmark’s largest annual Java conference.

So, stuff like Spring, Java EE, Cassandra, Apache Camel are my backyard – and so are supporting tools like git, Jira, and Bitbucket.

I maintain a number of open source projects on (more on that in a later article).

I live in Denmark and work mainly from home – being onsite for Scrum events, integration sessions, and sometimes for company and inspiration :-). I have worked for clients both in Denmark and abroad (such as Austria, France, Canada) and am happy to travel to make things work out.

Like many others, I’ve often I’ve thought of starting a technical blog. But never got around to it because I was busy with other things. Now – finally – I think it’s time to give it a shot – so I’ll begin with this, and then write irregular posts about the technologies I work with and the problems I solve.

First in line is working with the Amazon AWS command line tools, followed by creating Dockers images and deploying them to a Kubernetes cluster running on AWS. Stay tuned for the next article.